Agriculture Drone D72L-8

Agriculture Drone D72L-8

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Quotation of Agriculture Drone-D72L-8

agricultural drones
1 High precision Gps System
2 Self Planned Routes
3 Night Navigation Function
4 Airframe stability and reliability, strong anti-interference
5 Brushless water pump motor,super long life
6 Aircraft automatic fixed point
7 Automatic return
8 Aircraft automatic obstacle avoidance
9 Equipped fertilizer Spreader for sowing and raising fertilizer
10 Integrated smart remote control
11 The plane returned out of control
12 Aircraft low voltage return
13 Aircraft AB point memory operation
14 Aircraft self-planning operation
15 Aircraft breakpoint memory
16 Aircraft breakpoints continue to spray
17 High Resolution FPV Camera
18 Intelligent Intelligent Lithium Battery with self heat dissipation
19 Alternate spray function, the nozzle can be switched separately
20 Ground station,Video transmission,Anti-fall performance
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